Susanne Schalewa & Gert Wollschläger
Susi Schalewa was born in Berlin in 1969. She started dancing at the age of 5 and attended jazz dance and ballet classes for 9 years. Later she became involved with ballroom and Latindancing. She completed a teacher training course in 1990 and has been teaching in a primary school in Berlin ever since.
Gert Wollschläger was born in 1956 in Berlin. He grew up with country music and rock 'n roll, started square dancing in school and also became involved with ballroom and Latin American dancing. Later on, however, his free time was devoted exclusively to other sportive interests and he worked for many successful years as trainer and judge. He has been teaching in a primary school since 1987, one of his subjects being Physical Education. Since 1992, Gert has been active as certified judge within the German sports association in the field of athletics, swimming and gymnastics.
1995 they started their first own Linedance class. Their educational and didactic training combined with dancing background and Gert's basic musical knowledge made getting started easier. The danceclasses were so successful that it took place 3-5 evenings a week at different places in Berlin. They are doing also workshops across Germany.
Gert and Susi were the first instructors in Berlin who brought american, canadian and european dance instructors to Berlin. They organized workshops with Dorsey Napier, Barry Durand, Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi, A.T. Kinson, Brian Barakauskas, Sam & Denise Miller, Judy McDonald and more. They are still the only instructors who organize workshops in Berlin with american instructors.
They are coaching the team "InCahoots" and choreograph the team routines. The team won several times the German and European Championships and more. 2002 they won the World Championships in 4 categories. At worlds 2003 Susi & Gert won the Star Award as "Favorite Team Choreographer". They are the only Star Award winner in Germany. Also they were choreographing for the pregame show of the football team Berlin Thunder and were dancing with 100 linedancers in the Olympia-Stadium. Susi teaches dance in a elementary school. Highlights in different shows were "Cats" (80 kids) and "Flintstones" (50 kids).
Both were also succesfully competing in couple dance and trained successfully other couples and linedancers like Enrico Adler and Yvonne Redlitz.
In 1998 Susi was awarded the "Country Spirit Europe" for promoting CW Dance according with Country Music.
They organize dancefestivals/ competitions in Berlin: a.e. "Hop In Boots" and "Junior Cup" and are also responsible for the event-coordinating of the Saxon-Trophy for many years. Gert and his Co- Directors Susi and Enrico are organizing the Berlin Open Country Western Dance Championships. Both are judging at international events since 1999.
For their continuing education they take regular privates and are members of a Ballroom/ Latin-Dance-Club.

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